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THE HOUSE OF POWOLNY  Death and Life of a Hull Restaurant

The blitz in early May, 1941, robbed Hull City Centre of some of its most important premises, amongst them, Powolny’s Restaurant in King Edward Street – Polly’s, as it was affectionately known.  Reaching its zenith between the two wars, it became the byword for style and excellence under its Greek proprietor, Petro Louis Dermond.


Renowned for its luxurious and glamorous setting and a cuisine masterminded by continental chefs, Polly’s destruction deprived the city of one of its major cultural and social attractions, giving birth to its legend as ‘THE place to be’.


Polly’s colourful story and that of its equally colourful personalities is hereby chronicled by Petro’s grandson Robin, who rekindles the sense of joy and affectionate awe it inspired.


Robin Dermond Horspool, F.R.S.A., who comes from an artistic and literary family, grew up in Hull, a city for which he has much affection.  He is an artist, writer, poet and lecturer, his publications including three local history books and an historical novel.

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