John Hegley 'Peace, Love & Potatoes'

Thursday 14th February 7:30 pm

The writer and performer John Hegley has been described as the Spike Milligan for our time, and as 'awesomely mundane' by The Independent.

He was discovered in 1983 by John Peel as part of the band The Popticians, and now enjoys a cult following among fans of subversive comedy. His surreal poetry is often heard on BBC radio and widely performed ‘live’, often set to music that is played by the poet himself. He has published ten books and has also published a collection of photographs of potatoes.

As well as performing to adults, he has a special appeal to children, arising from his directness, his being easy to understand, and his jokes - about smelly dogs, glasses, Luton bungalows and handkerchiefs.

With the show “Peace, Love and Potatoes” being on Valentine's eve, it will lean heavier on the love than on the spuds. Songs and poems documenting the authors' adventures in matters of the heartache.

Suitable but not devised for (emotionally) intelligent nine-year-olds, jolly and melancholy. Includes Baroque dancing.

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