Wed 13th to Sun 17th Feb 2019

Mark Billingham and My Darling Clementine - The Other Half

Pain, loss, violence. The lifeblood of crime fiction, but also the dark seam that runs through the very best country music.


The Other Half is a unique collaboration between the leading lights of mystery fiction and country music. An original story by bestselling crime writer Mark Billingham, soundtracked by the powerful and poignant songs of internationally acclaimed Americana duoMy Darling Clementine.


With her best years seemingly behind her, a former Las Vegas showgirl works double shifts in a rundown Memphis bar. Alone and estranged from her daughter, Marcia lives life vicariously through her customers and the everyday tragedies of people falling in and out oflove. These are moving tales of grief and heartbreak, lust, murder and domestic horror. Serving beer and burgers as these very different stories unfold, Marcia reflects on her single doomed shot at happiness.


Then one day she receives a phone call that changes everything...


͞A convincing world of barflies, peeling paint and characters on bar stools with very dark secrets.͟BBC Radio 4


Front Row͞Country romanticism and hard-boiled crime come together in a story that perfectly emphasizes the drama contained in the music.͟What’s


SATURDAY 17th FEB, 12.00NOON. £14/13

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