Wed 14th to Sun 18th Feb 2018

Tcha Limberger Trio with Mozes Rosenberg

Mozes Rosenberg the most recent guitar genius from the Rosenberg dynasty and younger brother of Stochelo is the guest of violin superstar Tcha Limberger and his trio with Dave Kelbie on guitar (UK) and bassist Sebastien Girardot (FR)


Put Tcha Limberger, recently accorded the title ‘The polymath king of Gypsy music’ by The Times, and spectacular guitarist himself, on stage with Mozes Rosenberg and you get something close to Gypsy jazz royalty.


Guitar mastery, swinging Reinhardt classics mix with traditional western European Gypsy repertoire.

Tcha Limberger gypsy Trio



Stillhouse 1



Progressive acoustic music at its finest, Stillhouse are a mandolin, guitar, double bass and vocal trio ensemble, presenting beautifully crafted original songs and meticulously arranged instrumental material with roots in bluegrass, jazz and folk.


Virtuosic, moving and exhilarating, the trio creates a new collective sound which draws from each member's unique musical background of bluegrass, folk, jazz, pop and acoustic music. The result is a captivating and complex set characterised by melodically astonishingoriginal songs alongside soaring mandolin, guitar and bass-led instrumental pieces with roots in bluegrass,old time and jazz melodies.


“Wonderful musicianship and superbly well-arranged material; Stillhouse completely captivate their audience from the first note they play. This trio is one to watch”.  Leila Cooper, Moonbeams Festival Directors